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    Come join me Monday night March 27th for a book reading to benefit the charity Saving Innocence in Los Angeles! Love to see you there #savinginnocence #writtenintheashes #kaiaspirit #girlsmatter #losangeles


  • There’s one thing we all have in common– TIME, but it’s not spread equally.  Online entrepreneurs are mainly men, even still. And it’s not a completely equal playing field. This is my opinion why.


  • I’m a new surfer. What constantly amazes me is how much I learn out there– but not just about surfing. About myself. About business. About life. Here’s one of the ah-has I had from working with my surf coach recently. Enjoy!


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    Field Museum exhibit at the Nat History Museum in SD brought some fabulous books including one of 75 of the largest Audobon books on birds ever printed! Audobon wanted to recreate the birds in actual size but the Civil War halted the book printing process. #alwaysbelearning #museums #naturalhistory #Audobon (at Balboa Park)


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    I first met Leonard when I was 15, and heard “Suzanne” and discovered a soul who could put poetry to my pain. A Zen master, a lover, a voice of light in the darkness, he lived his words. I realize he was ready to leave us, and I think how wonderful it is that he left behind his beautiful ashes, the songs and words of his heart. Fuck personal development, people. Just listen to Leonard. Be soothed by the voice of love laced with truth. “Who by fire? Who by water? Who in solitude? And who in this mirror?… And who shall I say is calling?” Return to God, beloved, be free. #RIP #LeonardCohen #loveyou #peace #goodtimetogo



    The human heart can go the lengths of God…

    Dark and cold we may be, but this
    Is no winter now. The frozen misery
    Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
    The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
    The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

    Thank God our time is now when wrong
    Comes up to face us everywhere,
    Never to leave us till we take
    The longest stride of soul men ever took.

    Affairs are now soul size.

    The enterprise is exploration into God.
    Where are you making for? It takes
    So many thousand years to wake…

    But will you wake, for pity’s sake?
    Christopher Frye


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    Do they feel love? Or have mid life crisis? Or know the pain of longing? Is life without a central nervous system just a beautiful floating dream? A flutter of energy encapsuled in beauty. So fragile, magical and lovely. #Atticusonfire #kaiaspirit


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    San Diego Jewish Book Fair! Making magic happen with Written in the Ashes and my co-host, Atticus. Did you know over 200,000 Jews were exiled from the city of Alexandria overnight by Bishop Cyril? It’s in the book. #truestory #kaiaspirit #writtenintheashes #jews #books #novels #Egypt #Alexandria #Hypatia #Atticusonfire #EmeraldTablet #historicalfiction


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    “The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears or the sea.” ~ Isak Dinesen.
    Hemingway said to “…write the truest sentence that you know.” I’ve spent the last several days contemplating where and when I feel safe. After my father’s death, this is now my luxury. A new enchanted world of safety, opening before me. I have always felt at home in the depths, below the surface, holding my breath when the thoughts fall away and my body slips easily through the water column, like a memory of being in utero. Warm. At peace. Water, the most divine of hugs by nature herself. For many years I lost the ability to cry. Bravery, courage, staring pain in the face, I refused to yield. It was a habit to release, that fell away like a dam crumbling, the river set free at last. And now tears are a great gift, the pearls that fall and fall in grace and feeling for the beauty of each moment here, alive, breathing. It is hard to feel; it is hard not to feel. Surface to depth, depth to surface, alchemy of the gods: as above, so below. My goal is harmony. My goal is strength. My goal is giving to others. Home in the eyes of friends, new and old, and still to meet. Peace in surrender. And yet you who have lived through the hardest moments and survived know: safety is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. (To paraphrase Helen Keller.) A new dawn. A new opportunity. A watery dream before waking. You carry the depths inside you. It is where the journey begins and ends. In the essence, the soul, in the sea. The primal playmate, the first teacher of courage and grace. #waterspirit #throwback For my water brother @kajlarsenvice 🙏Thank you for your service, stories and inspiration. Art credit #kyerwiltshire #bottomtime #surrender #dawndream #sea #freediver #freedom (at Santa Cruz, California)


  • Yes, I’m the Feminist Pagan Author Who Won’t Be Censored

    This post would have appeared on my book blog tour today, but the blogger censored it, then refused to post it because my “opinion” offended her religion. (We’ll assume she’s a Christian.) I then found out she had not read my novel, WRITTEN IN THE ASHES. Apparently she hasn’t read much history, either. Historical facts are not opinion, folks. Though I fictionalized much of the story in my novel about the Great Library of Alexandria, I took the persecution of the Jews and the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria by the Christians (specifically Bishop Cyril) straight from the pages of history. Enjoy!