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  • How to keep your day from getting hijacked! You deserve to end each work day feeling accomplished, relieved and with a sense of momentum that takes you into tomorrow. 


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    A swift about to take flight from Helen MacDonald’s hand. I think she’s among the greatest living writers. #beauty


  • When you need to escape your desk… carve stone! This is why when you work hard, you’ve got to PLAY hard. Be prepared to get dirty and have some fun :-)


  • I just love it when I find a fabulous book and get to recommend it. THE SOUL OF PLACE by Linda Lappin is a must read for any writer or even non-writer who wants to explore the world with new eyes, imagination and insight. Find out how you’re affected by architecture, nature and cities and country roads, and how to draw from present and past experiences to infuse your writing with power and playfulness. Loads of writing exercises this is a great companion to take with you on your next adventure.


  • How to read anything in just ½ an hour! Stop feeling overwhelmed by how many books you want to read and extract everything you need to know with this one simple technique.


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    Come join me Monday night March 27th for a book reading to benefit the charity Saving Innocence in Los Angeles! Love to see you there #savinginnocence #writtenintheashes #kaiaspirit #girlsmatter #losangeles


  • There’s one thing we all have in common– TIME, but it’s not spread equally.  Online entrepreneurs are mainly men, even still. And it’s not a completely equal playing field. This is my opinion why.


  • I’m a new surfer. What constantly amazes me is how much I learn out there– but not just about surfing. About myself. About business. About life. Here’s one of the ah-has I had from working with my surf coach recently. Enjoy!


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    Field Museum exhibit at the Nat History Museum in SD brought some fabulous books including one of 75 of the largest Audobon books on birds ever printed! Audobon wanted to recreate the birds in actual size but the Civil War halted the book printing process. #alwaysbelearning #museums #naturalhistory #Audobon (at Balboa Park)


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    I first met Leonard when I was 15, and heard “Suzanne” and discovered a soul who could put poetry to my pain. A Zen master, a lover, a voice of light in the darkness, he lived his words. I realize he was ready to leave us, and I think how wonderful it is that he left behind his beautiful ashes, the songs and words of his heart. Fuck personal development, people. Just listen to Leonard. Be soothed by the voice of love laced with truth. “Who by fire? Who by water? Who in solitude? And who in this mirror?… And who shall I say is calling?” Return to God, beloved, be free. #RIP #LeonardCohen #loveyou #peace #goodtimetogo